Buying The Best Tablet

The iPad is the most prominent tablet on the market, being the first one in the market, and effectively founding it. The iPad has access to the Apple App Store, which is a shop which allows iPad owners to download Apps from a massive selection which is ever growing. Many games developers have taken on the challenge of producing better and better games for the iPad, and succeeded on many levels, with franchises such as Modern Combat and N.O.V.A being downloaded eagerly by iPad owners across the globe.

The Microsoft Surface is a tablet produced by Microsoft, and features a version of the Windows 8 operating system, built to be more user friendly and specifically for touch screen computers such as tablets. Surface also comes with an attachable keyboard, which can be used to turn the tablet into a laptop for those who want to be able to sit down and work on a tablet properly, without needing to use a touch screen keyboard. This tablet is designed to be more professional than the iPad, and will work better for someone who wants a tablet to play around on but also wants a keyboard they can sit down and work at for a few hours.

Google have produced the Nexus series of tablets, coming in a selection of different sizes to suit the needs of the user. The Nexus tablets hold similar functionality to the iPad and Surface, but hold the advantage of being made by one of the largest companies in the world, meaning the software for these tablets should be cutting-edge. These tablets also have access to the Google App store, one which is working its way towards equalling that of the Apple App Store, and could grow to become the biggest application store available. Those who want a tablet with a lot of potential should by a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 11 is a tablet and laptop hybrid, created to bridge the gap for those who desire both a tablet and a laptop. This tablet uses a version of Windows 8 operating system and works in much the same way as the Surface, except that this tablet is only formed when folded from the laptop form. Initially this is a laptop and can be used as one, with a fully functioning keyboard which the screen will fold down to in the classic fashion. Should someone need a tablet however, they can fold the screen the opposite way and end up with a tablet which works in the same way as Surface. The advantage of having this tablet is that anyone can use it as a laptop as well if needed, meaning they don’t need to have a computer as well as their tablet.