Cass And Co Shapewear

Susan Ledyard is the designer behind Cass And Co, she launched the company in 2004 offering luxury shapewear, which the company exceeded their sales projections in 2007 by 40 percent, which is something unheard of for a new company. She designs tops and bottoms to create a torso that is so smooth there is no need for a bra, which of course, is something that women flock to. Her designs also include support that creates an invisible bra lines and bulges for women, which has been a task that many designers before her have tried and failed to succeed.

Susan Ledyard began to develop the first shapewear market and sold 35,000 pieces in her first year Cass And Co opened. She also is a business woman that knows how to make sound decisions, which has afforded her the opportunity to her engineering innovative techniques to work with the materials to create a shapewear product that the world has never known. The designer went on in 2006 to create swimwear, which consisted of coconut fibers and then infused the fibers with anti-aging properties such as anti-microbial.

Of course, do not expect to see Ledyard stopping here, she continues to offer new styles and designs through CASS, which recently she introduced gauge rings as well as twisted bustier pushes, and uses unique color blends of violet ice, plum, and starch white as opposed to the traditional nude or black. Her main objective is to create comfort, clean lines, function, and of course quality fibers, so that the shapewhear you buy from CASS is something that will last many years. Of course, every year it seems she is designing other must-haves for women all over the world.

She is intending to expand her line into the European market. Her shapewear can be found in 1500 luxury boutiques all over the world including Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Lane Crawford, BLISS and many others. In 2008, Susan Ledyard was honored as one of the top women in business with her innovation and vision to succeed not just in the world of fashion but also in the world of business. There are many designers that are excellent, but because they do not have a good business sense, their fashion line never gets off the ground or it can take years to get to the place where Susan Ledyard is in just a few short years of launching her line.

Susan Ledyard’s Cass And Co, is one that appears to be here to stay because the designer not only knows what women want, but she uses fabrics that are comfortable and can be worn comfortably every day. Since she has a good head for business, you can expect to see Cass And Co continue to grow and expand throughout the world. She is what is truly considered a great success story and a great role model for women in business and those that choose to enter the fashion industry. The designer has inspired many other women to understand the business end of fashion, so they can also find success.