Latest Trends in Medical Scrubs

Latest Trends in Medical Scrubs

Health professions are changing dramatically and the latest trends in medical scrubs reflect both a change in who is a “typical” health care provider, and a change in cutting-edge material technology. Nursing is in extremely high demand nationally, and the salaries match that demand, bringing many new people into the field.

There are no longer stigmas attached to entering nursing as a second career, or for males entering the field. With advances in non-invasive diagnostics, such as medical sonography, whole new fields are opening up and attracting thousands of workers. All of these health care professionals need and want medical scrubs to wear on the job, and they demand many more choices than the old, all-white uniforms available in the past.

The latest trends include advances in the material used to make the scrubs. There are scrubs available with anti-microbial properties present in the material, helping guard against infection of patient or medical worker. The anti-microbial action lasts through hundreds of washings. New fabric blends make scrubs more comfortable, long-lasting, and easy-care, too, with stretch materials proving extremely popular.

With medical workers of all shapes, ages, and heights needing uniforms, the medical scrubs industry has created brand-new design lines that help protect the health care worker by fitting properly, without gaps, sagging, or bunching. Now, scrubs for women are available in petite or tall sizes, and in sizes to fit larger, heavier frames as well. Men’s scrubs are much more plentiful, and are cut to fit the male frame.

Nurses and other medical workers can find prints, designs, and colors to fit any taste. A new trend is denim scrubs, which are proving very popular among men, and stunning all-black scrubs, popular with both sexes. Cheerful prints can help put patients at ease, and the latest trends include prints of new cartoon and movie characters, and prints that reflect popular culture.

Scrub pants show a variety of leg treatments that reflect the same fashion trends as in streetwear, with split, flared leg openings available, and some pants featuring a longer length so that the pant legs “break” on the arch of each foot and cover the back of the shoe entirely, with the footwear just peeking out in front. Lowrise pants are also a new trend in scrubs, especially among the younger workers, who also favor tailored waist treatments and tucked-in tops.

Necklines reflect the latest streetwear trends, too, with square necklines showing up in women’s scrubs now, and gathered yokes reflecting the popularity of peasant-tops. Men’s scrub tops keep the traditional deep vee-neck, but add contrasting piping or mesh inserts.

Both men and women’s scrubs are featuring no-collar modified lab coats that coordinate with the colors and styles of the pants and tops, for those chilly days and air-conditioned facilities.

A completely new, trendy feature in both men and women’s scrubs is the use of tee shirts instead of traditional scrub tops. The tees are designed to coordinate with the scrub bottoms, and feature medical-related graphics, famous scrub brand logos, or specialty dye effects, such as “dip dyeing” or “slide dyeing” to give gradations of color. Many are very close-fitting, giving a trim appearance that emphasizes the physique.

With all the of the new types of medical scrubs available now, medical personnel can choose functional work wear that is as stylish as any streetwear, and can show their personality by the scrubs they choose.