The New Guy

Hi all, I am here for the new guy or gal wanting to get a start in the Affiliate marketing business and chew on a piece of the pie.

Well I have to say that before you purchase anything or get caught up in the hype, it’s harder than you think. Not impossible, but you will loose hair! If you have none, don’t rub too hard as the skin is not all that thick.

I would say,”READ THE SMALL PRINT”, especially when it comes to something like, “ONE TIME PAYMENT FOR LIFE”. Yup, intros like that. I’m serious! Please for the love of God do your research! I cannot ask or plead with you enough. I learned the hard way and lost the little, but hard earned money I had in my account. Life Lesson. I had to go through channels I don’t want to repeat by having my Bank connect me with their Investigator and third party phone call with the company or service to resolve the issue.

So long story short, be aware, please my friends. We all want to succeed and prosper and have an awesome life and lifestyle. I know I do, and I am working hard every day to achieve it.

Now on to the good stuff. Starting up can be frustrating as heck, and knowing the right places to go is vital to getting out of the starting gate quicker.

FIRST STEP: Select a host provider. There are so many out there with really great offers to choose from.

iPage, bluehost, HostGator, StartLogic, FatCow, justhost,, SiteBuilder, GoDaddy.

Mine personally is “iPage”. Hosting for 1.99 per year and free domain. Great starter and then you can change or upgrade at a later time when you are more established or seeing results.

SECOND STEP: Choose a Domain name for your Landing page. This can be overwhelming at times but don’t hang too much on it. Choose a short name aiming fairly close to the niche or topic you are representing. For example if you are leaning into the health and fitness genre, you may want to use something in the lines of.””, or if you are selecting a specific product, try to pin point that name as close as possible. Don’t have the site name too long as it is hard to rember for one thing and another is that on Google, some of the title may be cut off due to this.

Most of the time it will be more of a wider range topic or title so that you can have more offers, products, or service that fits into you niche or category.

The two steps above are the most common way to start your business. There are tons of tutorials on the Internet to walk you through the process of getting this in place.

For products, Services, marketing, traffic and Subscribers, select these listed below. They are awesome and I would say most or if not all marketers use them in some sort of way.

CLICKBANK. Sign up to get your Ads, offers, products, services, and earnings.

AWEBER. What To Write “.

UDIMI. Making your subscriber list

There are more like these, and other methods, but this is enough to get the ball rolling.

I started with a product that has the landing page and domain already created. I bought an offer from ClickBank and it was very easy to follow to get started and driving traffic to my offers. It cost me like 37 bucks, and yes I read the small print lol. there are upgrade packages there for a later date but this will get you launched. Really cool. But I am still making my own landing page separately as well for more chances to grow and drive traffic to it to double my subscriber list and make a living.

Well I hope you get some useful tips here and may explain some startup questions you may have.

I know I am not a pro, as I am brand new in this business as well. There are definitely more guys on here that can add to this with more in-depth information and their strategies on how they get going.

So until another time I hope you have a wonderful time in your new ventures.