Wholesale Clothes on SaleHoo – Expand Your Online Clothes Business With an eBay Store

Wholesale Clothes on SaleHoo – Expand Your Online Clothes Business With an eBay Store

An eBay store is a great way to reach the whole shopping population in the World Wide Web. While eBay’s auction site is limited to eBay buyers, your store serves as a doorway to the eBay community as well as the larger population shopping on the internet. Your store can go beyond eBay and bring in new buyers. With the internet shopping population gaining access to your clothing store, you now have the potential to eventually increase your sales.

There are many benefits to be obtained from an eBay store. With its professional and personalized appearance, it can give your store a unique identity that is easy to recognize. Many of the advanced marketing strategies recommended by ecommerce companies like Salehoo can be implemented, such as advertising techniques and special discounts.

With an eBay store, you can stock your store and arrange the products to your liking. You can set fixed prices for the clothes you sell and buyers will not question the retail prices because they see it as a sign of quality and good service. The auction environment is gone and customers are no longer bargain hunters. This gives you the opportunity to sell your clothing products at full price.

There are 3 store options: basic, featured and anchor. The basic eBay store comes with a subscription of $15.95 per month and has many of the features available in the more expensive store options. The difference in subscription fee is due to promotion within eBay. Featured stores at $49.95 receive a promotional text link in the eBay Stores gateway page along with other featured stores. Anchor stores are at $499.95 per month but they have 24-hour customer support, promotion in the “Shop eBay stores” box and an advertisement at the top of the eBay Stores gateway page.

Do not underestimate the potential of your eBay store. You can customize the design and store logo. Be sure to display your contact information. Set up your store like any other web store. A professional design is very important.

Anticipate your customers’ needs and provide help along the way. Make it easy for customers to browse. Your eBay store should be more attractive and customers should be able to check out the products very easily. This way, your store will be the first one they will think of when they need to buy clothes. You can maximize your profits by selling wholesale clothes that you can obtain from Salehoo at a good price.